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Doom Daggers is a Doom II mod inspired by the game 'Devil Daggers'. The Idea is to mimic the same intensive gameplay and ruthless difficulty of DD.

Key features:

* Custom 'Devil/Dagger Hand' weapon - projectiles as main fire and shotgun as alt fire.

* Fixed difficulty: Ultra-Violence /w fast monsters (no infighting).

* Endless spawn-set in small arena.

* Base speed is 130%, running is disabled.

* Player dies in one hit (1HP).

* In-game music-loop by Andrey Sitkov.

Recommended GZDoom & general settings:

* Use WASD & Mouse (Mouselook: Off).

* HRTF: On.

* Video Mode: Doom Software Renderer.

* Mouse1: Fire ; Mouse2: AltFire

* Headphones recommended

How to install:

Download and install GZDoom, download the mod zip file, extract it and drag the DoomDaggers.wad to the GZDoom.exe (Doom II required).

What's next?

FIRST I want to say that any feedback would be great, I know there's always something that I can improve and I'm here to do that ;)

-I'm thinking about making the spawn set different and making it shorter after every round.

-Improving / reworking the projectiles sprites

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsarena, devil-daggers, Difficult, Doom, doom-2, Endless, First-Person, gzdoom, mod


DoomDaggers.zip 7 MB

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